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Direct Integration

Understanding the necessity for a Customer Relationship Management System has never been more evident than in today's highly competitive market. Not only knowing the customer's name and address, but all of the communications that you have had with that potential or existing customer is vitally important in maintaining a strong customer relationship for continued sales. With Sage SalesLogix and DynaLink you can maintain your company database while also maintaining your customers' accounts.

The Benefits

Data Available Anytime - The link uses the powerful synchronization capabilities that are built into Sage SalesLogix, allowing for accounting and other customer information to be available to the remote sales force.

Direct Software Integration - The products are directly connected to one another, enabling workgroup users in SalesLogix to issue sales orders, perform customer inquiries or view the detailed sales orders and invoices that are available for that MAS 90/Microsoft Great Plains Customer in Sage SalesLogix. The link allows for MAS 90/Microsoft Great Plains Sales Order Screens to be started and the correct customer information to be populated for quick Sales Order Entry within Sage SalesLogix.

Bi-Directional Data Transfer - With bi-directional communication, end users have a single point of entry and do not have to worry about data being in both places at once.

True Front to Back Office Integration - Bringing the power of two industry standard products and making them act as one product. This allows your company to utilize its existing accounting or CRM technology and leverage the power of another industry standard software product.

Complete Customization - Since this product was written using the tools Sage SalesLogix and MAS 90/Microsoft Great Plains, it is completely customizable. No direct modifications have been made to either product, just natural customizations.

Scalable - Sage SalesLogix scalability sets a standard in distribution of critical sales information. This ability gives you a unique platform to distribute customer information without requiring users to be in your accounting software application. As you can see from the information presented above. This link will provide a true two way connection. Your existing data in MAS 90/Microsoft Great Plains will be transferred to Sage SalesLogix and any new customers that are entered in Sage SalesLogix will be transferred back into MAS 90/Microsoft Great Plains. This technology will give you the link that you require at a smaller price than most integrated technologies.

Additional Information

For more information on DynaLink, please contact our sales department at (866) 356-2654, ext 201 or email at

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