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CRM technology is becoming increasingly important in the construction industry as the average contract size has increased making forecasting sales pipeline and subsequent demand a critical activity for business development professionals.

Further, project management has become an integral part to not only operations but also to sales, sales management and marketing in order to improve the performance and profitability of their firms. Construction CRM is an "end-to-end" solution allowing companies to manage loyalty and their most profitable clients:

  • Improve collaboration and streamline communication by consolidating and sharing client, prospect, deal and property information in a centralized database
  • Warranty Auditing System to track detailed project items relating to completed projects
  • Assign issues, action items, and resolution notes related to the warranty items
  • Immediately access critical and accurate information about clients, such as what their buying, what they're selling, and what value they receive from your firm
  • Increase client satisfaction and retention by providing more personalized information in a faster way and by ensuring proper coverage. Reporting that illustrates your value
  • Boost productivity by eliminating tedious paper-based administration and automating the delivery of customized services
  • Efficiently manage your information through mobile devices like the Blackberry or Smart Phones

Investor Relationship Management Features:

  • Organization, Contact, and Deal Tracking to enable you to see everything about your clients
  • Coverage and Associations module to track who inside and outside your firm is working with a client
  • Award-winning Contact Management to track all activity so nothing falls between the cracks
  • Powerful Queries and Look-ups for profiling and segmentation
  • Automated Business Processes to eliminate unnecessary administrative work

Full System Integration:

  • Full integration with Outlook and the Microsoft Office Suite makes our solution intuitive for users
  • Mobile solutions for PDAs and laptop synchronization
  • Ability to integrate information from other production systems
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