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Visual Analyzer

VisualAnalyzer Business Intelligence Dashboards: Simplifying Analysis
for Everyone

Sage SalesLogix Visual Analyzer is a comprehensive, interactive business analytics tool that transforms your Sage SalesLogix data into actionable information. SalesLogix Visual Analyzer puts rich information at your fingertips, giving you the visibility you need to keep a pulse on key performance indicators and to focus your teams' efforts on the most effective activities.

SalesLogix Visual Analyzer Features and Benefits

  • Analyze critical business metrics with customizable dashboard views that illustrate your organization's state-of-health
  • Ships with ten built-in dashboards including: KPI, Maps, Ranking, Forecast, Win/Loss, Opportunities, Activities, Marketing, Customer Service, and Details
  • Make fast, reliable business decisions based on accurate and usable information to help shift strategic priorities
  • Integrated with Sage SalesLogix data security so users will see only the data their security profile allows
  • Optimize your human investment with a reporting connection that links up with customer data stores to extend business intelligence and help monitor changes or trends
  • Leverage seamless integration of customer details from your Sage SalesLogix database
  • Fully optimized system by way of a separate data repository that speeds data load time, even when data sources are large

SalesLogix Visual Analyzer Pre-Built Dashboards

KPI Dashboard
Easy-to-understand gauges illustrate the current health of critical aspects of your organization, such as year over year total sales or opportunities. Drill down into selected transaction details for further analysis.

Maps Dashboard
Study your analysis information overlaid on a map. Data can be viewed by region, country, state, city, and metropolitan area, and then drilled down further in a specific region to conduct territory analysis.

Ranking Dashboard
Obtain an instant list or ranking for any key performance indicator (KPI) you choose, such as: Accounts, Sales Representatives, Opportunities, Products, or any other entity in the Sage SalesLogix database.

Forecast Dashboard
Analyze your sales pipelines, forecasts, and close rates. Forecasts can be segmented by sales rep, product line, or region. Historical analysis of past sales provides the support in accurately estimating future sales growth.

Win/Loss Dashboard
Understand how well you and your sales team are closing opportunities with a graphical chart showing win and loss units by month, and a grid that provides detailed information for each opportunity won or lost.

Opportunities Dashboard
Identify the opportunities with the best chance of closing in the current period. Easily parse out the list of all opportunities in a territory that are in the mid stages of the sales process.

Activities Dashboard
Study the patterns of marketing and sales activities that lead to successful sales. Examine the types of prospect touches and number of communications it takes on average to close a sale.

Marketing Dashboard
Analyze campaign response rates, sales success, and conversion rates-from mailing list prospect to interested client. It also pulls information from sales and finance to accurately track ROI.

Customer Service Dashboard
Examine an instant picture of service levels with an analysis of reasons for customer calls, resolution rates, and average length of time to resolve an issue. Drill down into the details of any case or ticket.

Segmentation and Details
Dashboard filter and segmentation capabilities span across each dashboard view to focus in on the performance results you need most. Each dashboard offers a set of filter criteria relative to the data presented in addition to a detailed listing of those reporting results. Dive into a deeper view on the specific details for each record selected for further research and analysis.

Additional Information

For more information on Visual Analyzer, please contact our sales department at (866) 356-2654, ext 201 or email at

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