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Sage Accpac Extended Enterprise Suite offers tailored solutions for your particular business challenges.


  • General Ledger
    The foundation of your accounting system with the flexibility to meet your current and future financial management requirements
  • G/L Consolidations
    Transfer and merge G/L account and transaction information between separate companies and branch office locations
  • Reporting
    Create budgets, present financial statements, and share key metrics with powerful reporting tools
  • Multi-Currency
    Process transactions in multiple currencies, including managing currency balances, execute accounting transactions, create reports, and more
  • Intercompany Transactions
    Enter General Ledger and Accounts Payable transactions that affect more than one company by automatically distributing transactions across two or more companies
  • Transaction Analysis and Optional Field Creator
    Customize your applications by adding unlimited optional fields. Enter and track data from the originating transaction through to your G/L


  • Purchase Orders
    Core component of a comprehensive, fully integrated purchasing system
  • Accounts Payable
    Streamline cash flow processes, including rapid entry of vendor invoices, flexible cash disbursement, and full check reconciliation
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Direct Payables
    Control when you want to release payments to suppliers using direct deposit, eliminating the need to print, mail, and process individual payments
  • Document Management
    Better manage the storage, retrieval, and flow of AP invoices and other key information in your organization
  • Fixed Asset Management
    Depreciate and report on your fixed assets
  • Check and Form Printing
    Print checks onto blank check stock and print multiple copies of accounting forms to different printers

Sales and Receivables

  • Order Entry
    Enter orders and sales returns, and print invoices, credit notes, order confirmations, picking slips, and shipping labels
  • Accounts Receivable
    Track outstanding balances, apply cash to outstanding invoices, create recurring charges for quick invoicing of monthly charges, and complete bank reconciliation
  • EFT Direct Receivables 
    Manage receivables by pre-authorizing amounts for withdrawal from specific clients
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
    Streamline your business-to-business transactions with your large commerce partners
  • National Accounts Management
    Use Accounts Receivable to process single payments from a customer's head office and apply it to the subsidiary accounts
  • Uni Sales Analysis 
    Access and analyze important facts about your business to pinpoint your best selling products, most profitable customers, and top sales people
  • Return Material Authorization (RMA)
    Track your products through the entire life of the sales process to gain greater insight into the reasons for returns or repairs, as well as tighter control over your merchandise

Customer Management

  • Contact Management
    Manage your relationships with customers, suppliers, and partners
  • Sales Force Automation
    Track and manage sales pipelines to shrink sales cycles, close more deals, and grow revenues.
  • Marketing Automation 
    Optimize marketing investments to build more cost-effective campaigns and drive higher sales volumes
  • Customer Service Automation
    Access to accurate and up-to-date information means better overall customer service

Inventory / Warehouse Management

  • Inventory Control
    Track stock levels and process inventory receipts, shipments, returns, and adjustments with this multi-location inventory management system
  • Lot Tracking 
    Traces lots back to your vendors and delivery of products to your clients to help comply with regulatory requirements and to provide better service
  • Serialized Inventory 
    Track serial numbers from Purchase Orders to Inventory Control to Order Entry and historical inquiry; assign system-generated serial numbers to items not serialized at the time of receipt
  • Warehouse Management
    Automate, streamline, and verify warehouse processes, tracking stock from receiving door to shipping dock
  • Manufacturing Management
    Industrial-strength manufacturing system for Make-to-stock and Make-to-order manufacturers, as well as custom Job shops

Project Management

  • Project and Job Costing
    A time-and-material system for estimating, tracking, costing, and billing of projects, simplifying cost control and planning
  • Service and Maintenance Management
    Manage the ongoing preventative maintenance and general servicing of your machinery, vehicles, and other equipment


  • In-house Payroll 
    Take control over employee earnings and benefits, special payroll situations, and government reporting - allowing you to effectively meet your company's payroll requirements and uphold personnel policies.
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Direct Payroll
    Directly deposit employee earnings with EFT support for major banks and trust companies in Canada and the United States.
  • Sage Accpac HRMS
    Manage your human resources and employee benefits accurately and efficiently.

System and User Administration

  • System Manager 
    Administer system access and manage data processing and system security
  • Alerts and Alerts Server
    Enhance communications between your company's back-office, front-office, and e-commerce systems by monitoring data fields for specified activity and automatically communicate this to appropriate customers, employees, or business partners

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