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BrainSell CRM Add-On Modules

CRM Add-On Modules expand the capabilities of your CRM system, enabling you to do data cleansing, incorporate Lotus Notes, integrate with your telephony system, generate sales quotes, and more. Our most popular CRM Add-On Modules include:

InsideView brings intelligence gained from social media and traditional editorial sources to the enterprise to increase sales productivity

Powerful Data Cleansing Tool for SalesLogix & MSCRM

Lotus Notes and Groupwise integration for SalesLogix

De-duplication at the point of data entry for SalesLogix and MSCRM

intelli-Cti provides desktop integration to your telephony system, ACD, predictive dialer

Extended quoting solution for SalesLogix

Enterprise quoting, configuration and guided selling solution for SalesLogix and MSCRM


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