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Training Services

Effective training is a process, not an event. Learning should be an ongoing process. Our ability to absorb knowledge is not linear. We tend to absorb what interests us in the moment, often missing key clues and information. BrainSell provides both on-site and off-site training. Programs can be tailored in half day or full day sessions.

End User Training

BrainSell University is dedicated to helping you ensure high adoption rates with your end users. Our certified trainers, course manuals and training process has been tested and designed specifically to improve the learning process. Class size and relaxed interaction allows for maximum comprehension for each participant.

Administrative Training

This class familiarizes the person(s) that will be responsible for the day-to-day administration of the system with the end user features of the products and technical administrative functions. It is designed to begin building the client organization's knowledge base about the system in order to allow for self administration.

BrainSell offers a range of training services for end-users and IT personnel. Custom courses can also be designed for your specific implementation.


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