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Scribe Insight

Seamlessly Migrate Data into Sage SalesLogix

Applications are only as useful as the information they contain. Scribe Insight for Sage SalesLogix will help you populate your Sage SalesLogix system with all your critical customer data, regardless of the source.

  • Migrate data into Sage SalesLogix from contact managers like ACT! by Sage, Goldmine, and Outlook
  • Migrate data into Sage SalesLogix from existing CRM applications like Siebel and
  • Migrate data into Sage SalesLogix from legacy systems

Seamlessly Integrate Data into Sage SalesLogix

With customer data residing in different systems and applications across your organization, it's been almost impossible for you to get one complete view of your customer. Scribe Insight populates Sage SalesLogix with key customer information from ERP, CRM, Web and Legacy applications, making it possible for you to work with a complete customer profile. Scribe Insight is available with templates for leading applications and can be used to:

  • Automatically feed leads into Sage SalesLogix from a Web site, telemarketing partners or marketing campaigns
  • Populate customers in Sage SalesLogix with financial and order history data from ERP
  • Proactively monitor key customer activity through automated alerts sent to e-mail, cell phone or Sage SalesLogix
  • Enhance and validate data from third-parties via Web Services or data feeds
  • Synchronize customer data in real time between Sage SalesLogix and other applications

Additional Information

For more information on Scribe Insight, please contact our sales department at (866) 356-2654, ext 201 or email at

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