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Wealth Management/Investment Banking

Financia$Logix from BrainSell is a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) solution designed for wealth management firms. Built on Sage CRM SalesLogix, it provides a comprehensive view of a client’s financial and personal information to empower your brokers and build strong client relationships.

Financia$Logix provides your customer facing employees with the information they need on a daily basis. Timely updates provide current account information and quick-charts display allocations as a snapshot instantly. The ability to see the top 20% of your clients that are producing 80% of your business are easily identified and updated as markets and portfolios change.


Client Relationship Management

  • A secure centralized database for sensitive client information, profiles, data and investment guidelines.
  • Integrated wealth management tracks and summarizes assets at the consultant, sponsor, branch, broker, advisor, and portfolio levels.
  • Asset grouping allows multi-faceted reporting of client, portfolio and relationship information.
  • Client-based reporting captures default reporting requirements and last reporting run dates.
  • Manage risk by actively tracking all communications to regarding your clients, sponsors and products.
  • One interface for a 360° holistic view of your client or household.
  • Improve client catisfaction.
  • Microsoft Office compliant.

Custodial Data Management

  • Automated downloading and consolidation of daily transactions and position posting for account information.
  • Powerful performance and objective reporting. A wide variety of pre-defined asset allocation, client performance and performance history reports based on your preference and your clients’ needs.
  • Automated ranking of assets, both total and under-management.

Return on Investment

Financia$Logix will provide an immediate return on your investment. With Financia$Logix, you can:

  • Leverage existing systems, applications, and data … or integrate new ones. Reduce total cost of ownership through faster deployment and phased implementation.
  • Configure views and reports to meet the firm’s specific needs. Improve user adoption.
  • Minimize risks and improve automated compliance procedures.
  • Attract and retain top performing advisors.
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