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Why BrainSell?

1. We are Passionate about Technology that Delivers Real Business Results

BrainSell was founded because our president, Jim Ward, believed in the power of technology to transform mid-sized businesses into market leaders. We focus on comprehensive CRM and ERP solutions, as well as contact management, business analytics, help desk and email marketing software.

Our unique insight into the profound impact the right business software can have on our clients' sales growth and cost reduction is the keystone of our business. Our passion for business technology touches all aspects of our services including: software selection, training, integration, application programming, remote system administration, reporting and tracking, and data conversion.

2. We Are Committed to Software for Mid-Market Companies

We keep tabs on all types of software for mid-sized businesses, representing the solutions we feel best fit our customer's needs. Depending on your requirements, we will recommend software from Intuit, SugarCRM, or Sage Software.

Over the years we've built an especially close relationship with Sage Software, because they offer a wide range of quality software for mid-market companies.

Sage Software is a leading supplier of business management software and services to 5.7 million customers worldwide. With Sage Software, you have the freedom to choose the software that best fits your unique business requirements. You can choose the deployment method (on-site or on-demand via the Web) that works best for you, and you have options to move easily between software applications as your business evolves.

We have been a certified Sage reseller since 1998. We have been recognized as a Select Authorized Partner of Sage Software, and BrainSell has been the recipient of Sage's President's Club Award.

3. No Rookies Allowed

Have you ever bought professional services from a company's president (who had mega years of experience) only to discover recent college graduates working on your account?

That won't happen with BrainSell.

Our staff is comprised of seasoned business and technical people. We all have between 10-20 years of technology business experience, for a combined 100+ years of business application experience. Our brain trust of business solution expertise ensures your project deploys on time and on budget.

4. We Use What We Sell

Before we recommend a solution we've tried it for ourselves. That way we are absolutely sure of what each package is capable of.

By actually using the software ourselves, we make sure we are not learning at your expense.

5. We're Always Learning More

We know a lot about business processes and technology. But as much as we know, we believe in continually learning more.

We keep up with the latest technologies through ongoing education. Our Sage certifications include: Sage SalesLogix and SageCRM - end user training, administrative training, development training, SalesLogix Mobile, Visual Analyzer, Qliktech, and SalesLogix Web Certified.

With a well-trained staff, we reduce your costs, speed your implementation, and make sure that you have the best solution for your needs.

Best of all, we believe in sharing our know-how. Training is the key to a successful software implementation. We'll work closely with your team to ensure they have the skills to maintain success.

6. We're Focused on Your Success

We have a couple of client principles we all follow at BrainSell. First of all, we measure our success by your success. We don't count sales units, we count customer success stories. Secondly, we believe in treating every client as if they were our only client, no matter how large or small. Third, we work with you to understand your unique business process requirements. And lastly, you'll find that we work hand-in-hand with you to identify the ideal solution, and provide the supporting services to deliver the results you expect.

7. BrainSell will Be Your Advocate

Have you ever tried to get the name of a product manager or the head of support in a large software company? Or get them to return your call?

Select us as your business software advisor and we'll be your advocate in getting all the answers you need.

Over the years we've developed close relationships with executives at Sage. We know who to call for answers to your tricky integration questions. We'll rattle a few cages when it comes to getting support. And, by providing Sage's developers with "real-life" scenarios and data from our customers, we help shape new releases to fit market needs.

8. We Will Delight You

An OK job is not OK with us. Our goal is to delight you. We have successfully helped more than 300 mid-market companies find and implement integrated technology solutions to improve their customer relationships and business processes.

From selecting the right software, to smooth integration, to training your employees, we aim to delight you every step of the way. We stand behind our work, and are proud of our reputation for delivering exceptional service.

Contact us today, and tell us how we can delight you.

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