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SalesFUSION Marketing Automation

SalesFUSION 360 empowers marketers with the technology needed in today's fast-paced, web 2.0 business world. The only marketing automation software platform built on a true CRM Database, SalesFUSION takes b2b marketing to the next level by integrating disparate technologies into a single unified software platform.

SalesFUSION 360 provides software that accelerates revenue by connecting sales and marketing with prospects at the moment they are ready to buy. This is made possible through the SalesFusion 360T suite, which complements Sales Force Automation applications by adding an on-demand enterprise lead management service. SalesFUSION 360 increases lead quantity, lead quality and revenue conversion rates by integrating and automating the lead management process. In short, we enable companies to implement true b2b demand generation.

Website Monitor

SalesFUSION's Website Monitoring Station and Web Forensics analytics solution are a powerful set of web activity tracking and monitoring coupled with an alerting system that ties your sales team directly into the website lead management process. Go way beyond simple website reporting tools and implement a solution that turns insight into sales action. Your sales team will come to rely on the real-time intelligence that is gathered and sent to them in via instant, daily, weekly and monthly reports and lead alerts.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has matured from a stand-alone "blasting" solution to a truly integrated communication medium. Many companies have been using stand alone-email blasting solutions for some time and are beginning to realize that the value of email marketing is dramatically improved when used in a "Nurture Marketing" fashion.

SalesFUSION has built a powerful yet easy to use solution for b2b marketers that puts the power of nurture marketing in their hands in a manner that allows even the novice marketer to be successful. SalesFUSION supports a variety of email marketing requirements from the most basic bulk email to the most advanced nurture marketing campaigns. Our pricing structure allows for companies large and small to take advantage of the same enterprise-level feature set that has historically been reserved for only the largest companies.

Lead Scoring

Lead Analyzer from SalesFUSION is your personal traffic cop for managing the flow of leads and suspects from Marketing to Sales. This powerful and flexible lead scoring and routing solution will help your company implement a lead to sale revenue model as shown in the image to the right, which depicts a lead to sales opportunity report from SalesFUSION. Integrating marketing to CRM is no small task and represents a fundamental culture change in many companies. SalesFUSION's technology can help you ensure that the processes marketing and sales maps out are properly represented in your core marketing and sales platforms.

Nurture Marketing

SalesFUSION offers a variety of tools that enable b2b marketers to implement simple yet powerful nurture marketing campaigns. Included in the enterprise marketing automation software are a variety of nurture marketing programs that can be implemented and directly integrated into your CRM software application.

The most common forms of Nurture Marketing campaigns are drip email campaigns and trigger-based email campaigns. SalesFUSION offers both Drip and Trigger email marketing native in its application. Whether you are a novice or pro at implementing email marketing and advanced nurture marketing, you will find in SalesFUSION a robust solution that is flexible and easy to master.

Lead Capture

SalesFUSION's eDialog solution is one of the industry's most powerful and flexible online lead capture tools. Dialogs can be deployed as standalone landing pages, optimized for PPC or used as embedded web to lead forms on your site, connected to CRM. In addition to lead capture, SalesFUSION's flexible eDialog product enables social media publishing, Press Release distribution, surveys, forms, microsites and product configuration.

Social Publishing

SalesFUSION provides a number of tools that facilitate B2B social media marketing. As social media continues to expand, SalesFUSION will keep pace with the new technologies and social media strategies. Today, we help our customers by offering a means of creating social site-specific links (tracking URLs) back to the homepage or edialogs with detailed tracking and reporting capabilities. With IttyBitty, a social marketer can take virtually any content and publish that content into all social networks, their Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn pages in a matter of seconds. Companies can leverage the the power of the social media publishing solution in SalesFUSION to syndicate their content out on popular social networks.

One of the key value propositions to SalesFUSION's social media marketing tools is that they are directly embedded to your primary marketing software. This integrated approach to social media facilitates the social publishing and social tracking of leads and campaigns. SalesFUSION's social media strategy is based on the ability to create, publish, share and track social media activity.


You've invested time, resources and dollars in a CRM solution. You've trained and re-trained sales personnel to "follow the program." You've hired expensive consulting companies to show you the CRM way! But what good is an expensive CRM solution if the process of filling it with leads to be worked by sales is then broken?

Unfortunately that is the case in the vast majority of companies using CRM's today. CRM's are focused on the customer and on managing the sales cycle. What CRM's are not focused on is lead acquisition. This is why so many companies are supplementing their CRM investment with what is called "Demand Generation Software." Demand Generation Software solutions, like SalesFUSION 360, help companies streamline one of the single most important processes in a B2B company - capturing and managing leads.

Marketing Analytics

SalesFUSION 360 provides a robust reporting solution for marketing professionals. Performance dashboards from SalesFUSION allows users to create user-specific views of critical lead, sales and marketing data. You can subscribe and distribute reports in a variety of formats.

Report delivery is managed via email and supports PDF, Excel and HTML reports. Unlike many marketing automation systems, SalesFUSION allows power-users to write custom reports and create dashboards on the fly. Because SalesFUSION is integrated into your CRM, you can create reports that analyze both CRM/Sales and Marketing/Lead data.

Multi-Channel Campaigns

SalesFUSION 360 manages all possible marketing mediums and multi-channel campaigns in a simple interface!

As the number of marketing channels grow, many professionals are overwhelmed with the inability to manage campaigns that contain multiple steps and media elements. It can be difficult to track a PPC campaign in and of itself, but throw in print, social, email and radio...and you can quickly become lost in a sea of unstructured data.

SalesFUSION 360's newest addition to the marketer's toolbox is the MultiChannel Marketing Module. This simple yet powerful solution enables a marketer to create a campaign that has print, email, online, PPC, social and mass media and track all response and ROI through to the CRM system in one simple interface. Included in the MultiChannel product is our industry-exclusive Google AdWords API that automatically discovers your ad groups and calculates your AdWord spending ROI relative to the sales opportunities in your CRM system.

PPC Tracking

PPC is enjoying explosive growth as a new B2B marketing channel. The main PPC Networks have made it very easy to create and manage targeted PPC campaigns online. However, the pitfalls of poorly run PPC campaigns are many, and often severe. All too often marketers jump into PPC campaigns, particularly Google AdWords, without the proper planning and forethought.


SalesFUSION's marketing automation platform is enhanced with the various connectors available in the standard software application. The connectors add additional value to SalesFUSION and gives the marketer greater access to leading marketing tools and data without having to incur integration costs or operate other solutions separate from their core platform. Because SalesFUSION is built on an open architecture with leading web service API's, connecting to logical 3rd-party data and software solutions is a snap.

SalesFUSION's integration philosophy is to focus on integrating solutions that add immediate value to our client base without increasing costs or training requirements. We're always on the lookout for great web 2.0 solutions to connect with to help you, the customer, do a better job of lead and demand generation.

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