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Get a Complete View of Your Customers

Sage SalesLogix ERP Link integrates Sage SalesLogix and Sage MAS 500 ERP to give you cross-departmental visibility into your prospects and customers. Sage SalesLogix ERP Link enables everyone in your organization-from sales and marketing to accounting and finance to support, manufacturing, and distribution-to work together efficiently to build profitable customer relationships.

Eliminate Duplicate Data Entry and Inconsistencies

Sage SalesLogix ERP Link ensures front and back office data consistency within customer records, whether it originated in Sage SalesLogix or Sage MAS 500-eliminating duplicate data entry and/or data inaccuracies. Vital back office customer information such as order history, payments, open invoices, inventory, and shipping information can be viewed within Sage SalesLogix, along with contacts, notes, activities, history, and other account information.

Customer records found in both applications are seamlessly associated with each other so contacts and addresses remain consistent across systems. Multiple addresses can even be associated to each account, so if you need to send product updates to one address and invoices to another, for instance, you can do so. New customers can be added in one easy step-enabling Sage SalesLogix users to convert an account into a Sage MAS 500 customer, complete with Sage SalesLogix information.

Provide Accurate, Timely Information to Front Office Users

Sage SalesLogix ERP Link provides your front office users with access to the most current product information, specialized pricing, promotional discounts, and visibility into real-time inventory status when creating sales orders. In addition, without having to leave Sage SalesLogix and prior to placing an order, users can benefit from a complete view of customer account data such as credit status, terms, and account balance. Marketing teams can calculate "real-world" return-on-investment (ROI) based on actual revenue directly correlated to their marketing programs. And, customer service representatives can address customer queries effectively and with confidence by providing them with shipping, invoicing, and returns information that they need.

Reduce Inquiries and Save Time for Back Office Users

Sage SalesLogix ERP Link reduces the time and resources required of accounting, manufacturing, and distribution to support your front office teams. Since Sage SalesLogix

ERP Link eliminates duplicate data and order entry, customer orders are more accurate. And, with the ability to view current order status, pricing discount schedules, and service and maintenance contracts from within Sage SalesLogix, the number of inquiries from sales, marketing, and customer service regarding product, pricing, order, invoices, outstanding balances, and product availability will be reduced.

Provide an Exceptional Customer Experience

Since your entire organization has a complete view of the customer and improved organizational workflow and efficiencies, your customers will experience enhanced customer service levels. Sales representatives have access to complete product and customer information when handling inquiries and placing orders. And, because processes between Sage SalesLogix and Sage MAS 500 are synchronized, accurate orders move to accounting more quickly and customers receive product sooner, which will raise your organization's customer satisfaction levels.

Increase Productivity Across the Entire Organization

The process of moving from sales opportunity, to order, to revenue recognition is much more seamless when employees are utilizing a system without borders. Using information from Sage MAS 500, such as sales pricing, customer discounts, and sales tax calculation, sales teams can create accurate orders which appear "on hold" in Sage MAS 500 pending approval from accounting. And, since Sage SalesLogix users can select their inventory items and look up current quantities available in the warehouse, customers experience little-to-no backorders and receive their orders in a timely manner. The faster an order is placed, shipped, and invoiced, the faster payment will be received, which enables your organization to improve cash flow and accelerate revenue recognition.

From Sage SalesLogix, customer service employees may create a back office invoice directly from a service contract, to efficiently go from contract to invoice. This will accumulate and track all ticket activity related to the contract residing in Sage SalesLogix, allow editing of details, and then submit the total amount due as an invoice within Sage MAS 500. The service contract invoice will be treated as a regular invoice and the contract will continue to be associated to the invoice in Sage MAS 500, for a comprehensive view of the transaction details in both applications.

Additional Information

For more information on MAS 500 & SalesLogix, please contact our sales department at (866) 356-2654, ext 201 or email at

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