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SwiftPage Email is a revolutionary service that gives you power

Now sales, marketing and channel partners work even better as a team. Much more than simply an email marketing service, we provide companies the unique ability to take the tools of email marketing to your sales force. Marketing or sales develops core messaging and locks down key sales content, yet still allows each team member to personalize and ensure one-to-one marketing. If your sales force is from 1 to 100, SwiftPage Email gives them unprecedented marketing power while helping your company achieve greater success.

  • SwiftPage Email integrates right into your database, so you do not need to import or export your list to the SwiftPage Email system each time.
  • Send from 1 to 100,000 emails without using your ISP or tying up your own network through SwiftPage Email's powerful and reliable servers.
  • View immediate results with graphical and detailed Open-Click reporting. Also includes unopened, opted-out, unsent, duplicate emails.
  • Create a SwiftPage Call List by bringing your open, click and score data back into each contact's history within ACT! or SalesLogix.. Based on a recipient's level of interest, the most active person is at the top allowing sales to click down through the list and access all the contact data necessary, allowing increased efficiency and closing rate.
  • Integrated survey feature with enhanced branding allows users to create and edit surveys that match your marketing material, include custom HTML backgrounds and your choice of fonts and colors. SalesLogix users can bring survey data into the SalesLogix database for individual contacts and view the survey answers as a whole.
  • Stay compliant with the CAN-SPAM law, automatic suppression of email addresses that have opted-out (account wide).
  • Email templates are pre-populated into each account, or import your own HTML emails. Use Mail Merge fields to personalize, share your templates with other users in the account.
  • Account reporting compares open and click data across marketing and sales (all users) to give an overall view of a campaign ROI.

Additional Information

For more information on SwiftPage, please contact our sales department at (866) 356-2654, ext 201 or email at

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