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Win more often with professional quotes that help drive accurate sales orders!

You can generate customer sales quotations and sales orders faster than you've ever imagined, right from within SalesLogix! Whether you need to answer a casual price request or provide a formal quote, quotations are quick and easy to create – even for first time customers! QuoteWizard™ for SalesLogix® delivers with a powerful price list view, product selectors, revision and copying functions. E-mail a quote (Adobe PDF format) at the touch of a button or merge your quotation to an MS Word® document. QuoteWizard supports multiple currencies and much more.

We built QuoteWizard completely within SalesLogix.

  • Use SalesLogix products and pricing. With QuoteWizard, you have only one catalogue to maintain
  • You can revise existing quotes and quickly update the opportunity to reflect the "most likely" quote and QuoteWizard
  • automatically maintains a history of all revisions in the customer file in SalesLogix
  • You can clone a quote to another account and create a new opportunity
  • Choose to format your quote by adding customer comments or a page break where you want
  • Update contact and account information from within QuoteWizard for SalesLogix
  • Add a new contact, account and/or opportunity during the quote preparation process
  • Track quotations and opportunities to gather reliable information for sales and marketing

..using SalesLogix Architect, Active Forms and Active Scripts, ..

  • In-line editing for faster, easier quote updates
  • Security restrictions ensure only authorized users have access to cost and margin information
  • Sales quotations are customizable via Crystal Reports® and/or MS Word
  • Full SalesLogix compatibility ensures reliable remote synchronization
  • Custom tables added to facilitate accounting integration
  • Maintains existing integrations and functionality
  • Supports multiple currencies as provided in current versions of SalesLogix
  • Implemented using SalesLogix bundler technology empower you with exceptional added flexibility!

  • Need to add an item that is not already in the SalesLogix database? No problem. With QuoteWizard for SalesLogix, you can add products on-the-fly
  • Quickly add products to your sales quotations by: complete or partial part numbers and/or product descriptions, or simply drill in by group, model, family or type
  • Add or change quantities, descriptions and/or prices and insert comments for your customers
  • Manage your cost information through secure access
  • Make pricing adjustments based upon margin or dollar amount
  • Add shipping and payment term information, as well as taxes and miscellaneous charges
  • QuoteWizard automatically calculates shipment weight and volume
  • Add confidential comments to the quote for internal use only
  • Merge quotes into MS Word documents and proposals (Secured Feature)
  • Out-of-stock? No problem, you can offer your customer substitute items
  • Include optional items for cross-selling and up-selling
  • Track your wins and losses and update your SalesLogix opportunities and forecasts with ease
  • Base pricing on gross margin, cost plus, list price, volume and/or quantity based pricing programs
  • And much more!

Additional Information

For more information on QuoteWizard, please contact our sales department at (866) 356-2654, ext 201 or email at

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