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Oracle CRM On Demand takes you beyond CRM by automating the sales cycle, and providing your company with the tools necessary to optimize sales channels, resulting in an increase in efficiency and productivity. From lead qualification to opportunity management to forecasting and closing the deal, CRM On Demand gives the sales team an arsenal of instruments to make your company more profitable. Everyone involved in the sales process has access to critical information necessary to cater to the customer or client, including inside sales, field sales, sales management, and partners. Vital information can be accessed quickly and easily through Outlook, web browsers, on a smart phone, or on a tablet. The automated sales process given to you by Oracle CRM On Demand allows the sales team to focus on selling, rather than finding information, which increases productivity, revenue, and client satisfaction. This cloud-based CRM system fully integrates with Oracle's suite of ERP and accounting solutions.


  • Enables salespeople to be more efficient by focusing
    on client needs.
  • Provides users with a
    choice of easy to use interfaces.
  • Accesses advanced analytics to improve pipeline visibility.
Oracle CRM On Demand - Sales


  • Design inbound and outbound marketing strategies.
  • Automated lead nurturing campaigns.
  • Build a comprehensive prospect database.
  • Measure and calculate campaign ROI.
Oracle CRM On Demand - Marketing


  • Flexibility to work on a variety of platforms including smart phones, web browsers, or tablets.
  • Keeps sales people updated to the latest information-any time of day.
  • Allows the sales team to be knowledgeable of clients and situations when in the field.

Solutions to Fit Your Business Needs

Additional Functionality to Support Key Business Processes
  • Life Sciences (Medical)
  • Life Sciences (Pharmaceutical)
  • High Technology
  • Insurance
  • Automotive
  • Wealth Management

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